Women Caring for the Land serves women farmland landowners who are interested in learning more about conservation. 

The program is in increasing demand among both women landowners and agency partners such as NRCS and state departments of natural resources.

By our best estimates women now own or co-own close to 50% of the farmland in the US. A large portion of those women are over the age of 65, and an increasing number are single owners, who may not have had much say in farm management decisions in the past.

We know through our work with women landowners over the past 15 years that you have strong conservation values, and want your land farmed sustainably into the future by a young farm family. We can help you achieve those goals.

Women Landowner Learning Circles

“Learning circles” are peer-to-peer meetings in which every women’s knowledge and expertise is of value. You are the expert on your own farmland — even if you don’t have all the answers yet!

At our meetings, we spend time asking each woman to tell the story of her farmland, and her goals and dreams for managing and passing it on. This portion of the day is women only. We find that many women are more likely to feel most comfortable sharing in a group of peers.


Host a Meeting


Curriculum manual

This award-winning manual is intended to give users an overview of the rationale and methodology for targeting outreach to non-operator women landowners, particularly those 65 and older who now control a significant percentage of US farmland. It also provides a number of conservation demonstration activities, which range from very simple to more complex, both in concept and execution.

The National Association for Interpretation selected the manual as the first-place winner for 2013 in the curriculum category of their annual media awards competition.

The following are resources that complement the guide:

We wish we could get to every community where women own farmland. If you want us to come to your community and facilitate a learning circle, here are our services and what they cost. Contact us if you would like to work with us or write us into a grant!

If you want to hold a learning circle on your own — great! We love when other groups use this program, and we provide professional development training whenever we can. Here are guidelines for using the name and logo.


Online Resources for Women Landowners

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Browse our downloadable publications on a wide-range of topics, including navigating CRP programs, talking to your tenant, and talking to your family about cover crops.