Curriculum Manual

This award-winning manual is intended to give users an overview of the rationale and methodology for targeting outreach to non-operator women landowners, particularly those 65 and older who now control a significant percentage of US farmland. It also provides a number of conservation demonstration activities, which range from very simple to more complex, both in concept and execution.

The National Association for Interpretation selected the manual as the first-place winner for 2013 in the curriculum category of their annual media awards competition.

The following are resources that complement the guide:

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Host a Meeting

We wish we could get to every community where women own farmland. If you want us to come to your community and facilitate a learning circle, here are our services and what they cost. Contact us if you would like to work with us or write us into a grant!

If you want to hold a learning circle on your own — great! We love when other groups use this program, and we provide professional development training whenever we can. Here are guidelines for using the name and logo.